Is it time to unleash your goop?

slime_1920-001-2I was sitting on the creekside patio at Roastin’ Rooster this afternoon, nursing a two-buck Budweiser and reading a short story by Denis Johnson, who just happens to be one of the best freakin’ writers on the planet, by the way.

In the story, a strung-out hospital orderly was mopping and re-mopping the bloody tile floor of a coronary care unit.

“There’s so much goop inside of us,” the orderly muttered, “and it all wants to get out.”

Maybe it was the beer-buzz, but I had to pause when I read that.

There’s so much goop inside of us.

And it all wants to get out.

The goop might be a debilitating fear, a long-held resentment, or some anger you’ve put a lid on and kept hidden.

Or better, it might be a longing to create something beautiful, or to pursue an unfulfilled passion.

It doesn’t matter what your particular “goop” is. Like the fictional hospital orderly said, it wants to get out. In fact, it HAS to get out if you desire to break free and move forward in your life.

But the trick is in letting it out.

How do you plan to do that?

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