Everybody hates you anyway, so quit whining

angrymichelleNow that the government-mandated day of thanksgiving and gratefulness has passed, let’s dump the sentimental BS and take a hard look at the nitty-gritty…

Big Picture-wise, you’re all on your own.

Think about it.

Your boss, a few co-workers, all politicians, half your family, and a handful of your neighbors probably hate your friggin’ guts.

Most others don’t think about you at all.

Be honest.

Deep down, you know that in a crunch, the only one you can really count on is you.

When you’re an emotional train wreck, you’re always there.

When financial calamity strikes, you’re always there.

Hell, you’re ALWAYS there when the shit hits the fan, right?

So here’s what you oughta do.

Quit whining and take command. (OK, you can whine a tiny bit, but keep it short fer crissakes.)

This is YOUR life.

Only YOU are responsible for it.

If you messed things up, fix ’em as best you can.

If circumstances outta your control messed things up, find a workaround ASAP and move on.

But remember this…

You can only count on you.

After all, you’re already there.


“This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait.” — Natalie Goldberg

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