Leggy Blondes, Cool Jazz, a Perfect Business

Ever heard of Johnny Staccato?

Until a couple months ago, I’d never heard of him either.

Staccato was the title character of a short-lived TV series back in the late 1950s that starred John Cassavetes. You can now find all 27 episodes on DVD.

Johnny was way beyond cool, man. He chain-smoked cigarettes, wore baggy black suits, and played piano in a Greenwich Village jazz club alongside hepcats like Red Norvo, Johnny Williams, and Barney Kessel.

On top of that, he was a private eye.

Every week, Johnny’d be playing a set at Waldo’s when a leggy blonde, or a beatnik poet, or maybe an old girlfriend would walk in. And sure enough, they’d come to Johnny with a big problem.

He would spend the next half-hour solving it.

Johnny Staccato operated a model business.

He’d find a problem. He’d provide a solution. Then he’d collect his fee.

And in-between, Johnny would still enjoy his smoky, jazzy lifestyle.


Come to think of it, that’s the business formula I’ve always recommended…

Spot a problem, solve a problem, then bill ’em.

The form your business takes — offline service, online coaching, info-product creation, whatever — is up to you.

Just like Johnny Staccato, you’ll run into inevitable problems when you work for yourself.


But you probably won’t get shot or clobbered over the head, which is what happened to Johnny a lot of the time.

Check out the old Johnny Staccato TV series if you get a chance. You might pick up some pointers.

“Sometimes dreamy music can help a man. Music can be like a shower — clean, you know.” — Johnny Staccato

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