How to Build a Fan Base of Rabid Muggles

I’m the ultimate fanboy when it comes to stuff like comic book heroes, film noir, Sherlock Holmes, hardboiled crime fiction, Tarzan, retro sci-fi…

You name it.

But I’m not a Harry Potter fan.

I read the first novel a few years ago. I’ve seen a few of the movies. Dunno why, but its “magic” never took hold of me.

I sure appreciate the fever that consumes diehard Potterheads, though.

The new (and final) Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, opens late next week. And thousands of frantic Muggles are already crammed into London’s Trafalgar Square waiting for its world premiere.

Hey, I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square, and the size of this Potter crowd flabbergasts me.

These fans have seen both sun and torrential rain during their vigil this week.

You can’t question their dedication.

Wouldn’t it be sumptin’ to have rabid enthusiasts like that clamoring for you and your business?

It could happen. Maybe not on that scale, but you can build a profitable fan base of your own, given your readiness to put in some elbow grease…

And your willingness to be unique and genuine.

That’s the secret to the Potterhead phenomenon. Just as it’s the secret to Comic-Con in San Diego, where I’ll be sharing four days with 125,000 other media geeks in two weeks. (Wish me luck on that.)

So what’s stopping you?

Showcase what makes you distinctive. Be authentic in doing so.

You’ll build a tribe for your business that’d make Dumbledore proud.

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