Fear is always worth fighting

FearI think you hafta agree, this has been a crazyass week so far.

The news out of Boston is filled with angst and hand-wringing and finger-pointing and politics.

Worst of all, it’s brimming with fear.

A lot of people are afraid, as they have every right to be when horrible things like these bombings occur.

But notice that while some people sit emotionally distraught and obsessed in front of their TV sets, computer screens, and smartphones, sucking in both legitimate concern and destructive fear-mongering, life DOES go on.

Fear doesn’t have to cripple you.

Anyway, I thought that today I’d share something special with you.

More than two years ago, I spoke with Warren Bluhm, author of the terrific book Refuse To Be Afraid. (You can find it at a really great price on Amazon.)

For about an hour, Warren and I chatted about…
— How we talk ourselves into fear and self-doubt.
— Three steps you must take to banish the fear habit.
— How politicians and bureaucrats shamelessly use fear to manipulate and de-motivate us.
— How falling off a cliff in Vermont finally squashed Warren’s fear of falling off cliffs.
— How “procrastination” is actually just another word for fear.
— How to quickly turn fear into creative energy.
— How friends shouldn’t let friends drown in the “quotidian.” (You’re probably knee-deep in the goddamn quotidian right now!)
— How 1960s singer-songwriter Barry McGuire (“Eve of Destruction”) inspired Warren to overcome his own fear of songwriting.
— What to do when fear becomes your “comfort zone” and immobilizes you.
— How Warren (ironically) had to crush fear to write his anti-fear manifesto Refuse To Be Afraid.

I recorded the whole conversation, and the audio is a free download — no opt-in, nuttin’ required.

You’ll find it right here…

Refuse to be Afraid (45:56 — 7.88 MB)

During this stressful week, please try to take some time to listen to this audio.

I hope it helps.

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