Can YOU stuff 400 drinking straws in your mouth?

Mad kidWe’re just two weeks into 2014 and I’m betting most’ve us have already crapped out on some of our New Year’s resolutions.

If not ALL of ’em.

So maybe we need some encouragement to reach for the stars right now.

Let’s consider a few inspiring overachievers who’ve followed their dreams successfully in the past year or so.

Like skydiver Ernie Torres, who karate-chopped 12 wooden boards after jumping from 16,000 feet.

Or the folks at Juicy’s Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon, who created the world’s largest commercially sold hamburger — 777 pounds.

Or Simon Elmore, whose goal was to stuff 400 drinking straws into his mouth and hold them there, without using his hands, for 10 seconds.

Or the 169 people in England who managed to cram themselves into a gargantuan pair of underpants that were about 33 feet wide and 11 feet high.

OK, most of us don’t have dreams that outrageous (or trivial).

Ours are much more important to our families, our wallets, and even to our self-esteem.

So how come we’re not knuckling down on them?

It might be fear.

It might be discouragement.

Hell, it might be simple laziness.

But the fact that we so often surrender to those things doesn’t mean that we don’t sincerely WANT to achieve our goals.

We can reach ’em if we harness the enthusiasm and energy to do so.

I know it’s true, cuz I’ve been there.

I’ve been stuck, frustrated, and pissed on the road to my business goals…and a lotta general LIFE goals, too.

Just like you.

And I blasted through all that crap.

What’s more, I’ve just written an in-the-trenches report about it called

Operation HULK-SMASH

In the report, I give you the three steps you need to take to fully harness your Green Rage Monster and build rapid business success.

Plus I explain…

* Why goal-setting generally sucks big time
* How to quickly focus your Green Rage Monster
* How to KEEP your Green Rage Monster turned on “high” 24/7

You can check it out here…

Or you can spend another year not getting where you really wanna go.

Up to you.

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