He’s rising like a phoenix from the ashes

myke 2.0 coverShazam!

Kindle author and rising star Warren Bluhm has kicked his amazing series of Myke Phoenix superhero novellas into high gear.

With eight Myke stories already published, Warren’s set himself an impressive deadline — a new 10,000-word story each and every month over the coming year, and published via Amazon.

Warren is so confident of success that he’s taken the ballsy move of posting all his upcoming story titles on his blog’s sidebar…with their deadnutz release dates! And he hasn’t even written ’em yet!

As they say in Myke Phoenix’s hometown of Astor City, fookin’ awesome! (To be honest, they’d more likely say, “Gadzooks!” So sue me.)

But here’s what’s got me giddy as a Comic-Con newbie…

Warren credits ME in part for pushing him outta the recliner and into a year of high-velocity product creation!

Here’s what he wrote yesterday morning on his blog…

“…Wally Conger has just released an amazingly insightful little package called Operation Hulk-SMASH. It’s a short and to-the-point primer subtitled ‘Harness Your Green Rage Monster To Build Rapid Business Success.’ Wally doesn’t waste a word in encouraging his reader to stop diddling around with those dreams and just get started turning them into reality. I’m pleased to say that building accountability into the system is part of his formula — but I’ll let you find out for yourself. …

“Wally has a knack for getting straight to the point and driving it home. …

“I heartily recommend Wally’s new effort for anyone who feels stuck in the water and wants to give their project a swift kick in the right direction. And know that as you keep up with Myke [Phoenix] in coming months, the protector of Astor City owes a debt to Operation Hulk-SMASH for helping to keep its author motivated.”

Thanks so much, Mr. Bluhm.

Now get cracking on the next Myke Phoenix adventure. I’m chomping at the bit to read it.

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