Monday I’ve got Friday on my mind

fridays-001My friend Caitlyn posted a link on Facebook to “24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing.”

I won’t list ’em all, but here’s a taste…

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“How are you still single? You’re so great.”

“Don’t you ever get lonely?”

“You should try online dating. My friend met their husband that way.”

“One day when you’re married, you’ll wish you were single.”

“You’re just too picky.”

“You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.”

“You should let me set you up, I know the perfect person for you.”

I haven’t been single in a long time, but I get it.

I know how bugnutz tiring it is when friends and family hit you with the same comments and questions over and over. Like…

“Don’t you miss the job security?” (Ain’t no such thing, sweetums.)

“Don’t you miss working?” (You mean the ol’ 9-to-5 treadmill? Nope.)

“I actually love my long commute to work. It gives me a chance to think.” (Bully for you. I do most of my serious thinking on the can.)

“You must love sitting at the computer in your underwear all day.” (Yeah, I do.)

“Doing your own thing at home, don’t you ever get bored?” (You’re boring me right now.)

Do I sound cranky?

Well, it’s Monday. And even sitting in front of a computer in my underwear, Mondays are still Mondays. (A hangover attitude from my corporate days, I guess.)

But I still wouldn’t live life any other way.

Now you might wanna take a look here…

“Monday I’ve got Friday on my mind.” — The Easybeats (1966)

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