It’s like I whacked a hornet nest with a stick

keeperMy defense of multi-level marketing this past Monday stirred up quite a few people.

Their (sometimes snarky) emails amounted to this…

“I didn’t make any money in it.”

Fair enough.

Deb and I worked at MLM a long time ago, and we didn’t make any big moola either.

So we quit, probably much too soon, just like MOST people.

We never doubted the potential of network marketing. We just didn’t believe it was working for us at the time.

But looking back, I realize it was MLM that…

— Fired up my itch to jump off the job treadmill and go freelance.

— Gave me a burn for direct sales and marketing, which changed my life path.

— Led me to the business wisdom of folks like Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, Dan Kennedy, and Gary Halbert.

So I guess my message here is that whether or not a biz-op works for you — whether or not you make big bucks in it — there can be rewards in pursuing it anyway.

That was the case for me with network marketing.

By the way, if you’re itching to leave the 9-to-5 behind, you might wanna go ahead and check this out…

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