How I got royally screwed

screwThe left side of the freezer drawer handle on our fridge came loose a couple’a nights back.

Then it fell off entirely.

You wouldn’t think that’d be a big deal, but…

The itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, almost microscopic set screw we need to fix the damn thing is soooooo unique that no hardware store around here carries anything like it.

That’s right. Stores with aisles and aisles filled with walls of little boxes containing every shape and size of screw on the planet don’t have this particular screw available for sale.

You’d think it was a component designed for an Elon Musk space vehicle.

“I don’t think we carry any screw THAT small,” one hardware guy said. “I’m not sure I’ve ever SEEN a screw that small. You might have to order it from the manufacturer of your fridge.”

So that’s what we finally did.

We phoned the manufacturer with a specialty order for a very special set screw.

The screw cost $4.33.

Shipping and handling was $7.

The screw’ll arrive in four to five business days.

Yeah, it was a real WTF moment for us.

It’s pretty obvious that we’re not the only owners of this model of refrigerator. And I’m sure plenty of other Whirlpool customers occasionally need this very same size of set screw.

But someone, it seems, decided to make a repair that should be very simple very, very difficult and inconvenient. And costly.

There are things in life that seem nonsensical.

We deal with ’em.

The real trick, though, is to make sure YOU keep things simple in your own life and the lives of others.

Don’t make things unnecessarily difficult and inconvenient for your family, your neighbors, and your customers.

Skip the nonsensical.

In fact, make “sensible” your personal brand.

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