Dribs, drabs, and shitty bosses

bad-bossThe “perfect biz,” in my own humble (but correct) opinion, is the one-person, one-laptop, one-coffeehouse model.

Why screw around with employees — and, inevitably, the oppressive gummint regs that come with ’em — if you don’t have to?

But I came across a piece on “signs of bad leadership” recently and thought I’d pass some dribs and drabs on to you.

Maybe you’ll recognize these traits in your current employer and finally get the cajones to make the break.

Or maybe you can remember them when you’re strong-armed into a leadership position on a community project or the board of your homeowners’ group.

Whatever, here are a few red flags for spotting a piss-poor leader…

(1) Lack of empathy.

If a leader can’t see things from a different perspective, face it, they suck.

(2) Fear of change.

We all hate change, but you can’t compete if you don’t change things up when necessary.

(3) Too bossy.

Bossy people make shitty bosses. No one’ll follow them.

(4) Poor judge of character.

You know the guy who makes excuses for the crappy performance of co-workers? Yeah, THAT guy. He’s a bad leader.

(5) Lack of humility.

Ego, pride, and arrogance are killers. True leaders take the blame and give the credit — not the other way around.

OK, enough’s enough.

You get it.

Hope that’s been helpful.

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