Vito Corleone’s secret to success

VitoLotsa so-called business gurus yap about the “perfect” biz.

One’ll say affiliate marketing’s the real deal.

Another trumpets the “unbeatable” formula of creating hundreds of niched mini-websites.

A third will yap about quick Kindle publishing being the way to go.

Sure, all may be great paths to moola.

But perfect?

I’m not so sure.

I’m no guru, but I think the most honest-to-gawd perfect business model ever was outlined almost 50 years ago by novelist Mario Puzo.

No shit.

You’ll find it on page 14 of The Godfather. You don’t have to check for yourself, because I’m gonna quote it right here…

“Don Vito Corleone was a man to whom everybody came for help, and never were they disappointed. He made no empty promises. … Don Corleone would take that man’s troubles to his heart. And he would let nothing stand in the way to a solution of that man’s woe.”

OK, maybe Don Corleone isn’t an ideal role model.

But he had a surefire recipe for success: find problems and solve them, find wants and fill them.

Pretty simple.

It’s a strategy I leaned on for a long time, and awhile back, I hammered out the entire detailed game plan for successfully applying Vito Corleone’s formula into a monster package called Coffee House Kingpin.

— 11 video trainings
— 11 audio recordings
— a 38-page coaching manual
— a game plan blueprint
— a confidential fast-action cheatsheet

You can find that package right here.

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