Fear and loathing in the middle of Nowhere

nowhereI try to avoid weddings as much as I can.

But we went to one Saturday.

The venue was out in the sticks, the ceremony was outdoors, and the reception was inside an old, refurbished barn.

Actually, the whole shindig was pretty cool, despite being awkward as hell.

By “awkward” I mean that of 150-plus people there, my wife and I knew only two of ’em. One was the bride; the other, her mom.

Everyone else seemed to know EVERYBODY. They were hugging, chatting, laughing, having a grand old time.

Deb and I sat together under the trees, waiting for the ceremony to start, for the food to get set up, for the cake to be served, talking to ourselves and drinking lots of lemonade and wine and beer.

Funny thing, though…

When we left after a few hours, Deb and I were hugging new friends goodbye and telling them how we had to keep in touch and even get together again soon.

It was all bullshit, of course, because we’ll probably never see any of them again.

But here’s my point…

Despite the discomfort of not knowing anyone at the wedding, Deb and I eventually stepped up, said hello’s, launched conversations, and had a great time.

Your enjoyment of life depends on what you create out of each and every experience.

Sitting on the sidelines is fine for awhile.

Sooner or later, though, you have to get in the game.

In relationships.

In business.

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