My best laid plans go awry again

I had intended to spend my New Year’s Eve with a fifth of Glenlivet scotch and a handful of Honduran ceegars.

But as I’m always reminded, the best laid plans…

New Year’s Eve 2017 was spent helping Deb ice her mom’s left leg. A couple’a days before, the docs had replaced her real-life knee with a new one made out of adamantium or some similar alloy.

Pretty cool, actually.

Anyway, when I wasn’t ministering to my mother-in-law for the better part of a week, I did a lot of reading.

So I re-read the late Harry Browne’s classic How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World for the umpteenth time.

The chapter “Freedom from the Treadmill” is especially brilliant. I know I’ve quoted from it before, but let me share this with you…

“The treadmill enslaves many people who can’t conceive that life could be any different. They stay where they are, leaving things as they are, making changes only when someone else initiates them.

“But why should it be that way? You’re a sovereign human being with numerous talents and a great many alternatives available to you. Whether you want to increase your income, reduce your working hours, get out of debt, or work in a less monotonous job, there’s always a way. More than anything, the need is to use your imagination to look for alternatives.”

Fantastic stuff, but here’s the best part…

“The keys to a non-treadmill life are to find out what other people will pay for and to recognize what you’re capable of doing.”

That should be the mission of anyone who’s desperate to leave 9-to-5 wage slavery behind.

My newest report is a handy guidebook to hammering together a more liberated worklife. You can find it right here for a quickie download…

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