Sometimes, You Just Gotta “Wing It”

Last week, I wrote about flying by the seat of your pants, and how I usually do that whenever I speak to a group.

Well, it dawned on me later that what I do right here is another example of “winging it.”

When I write an email or blog post, I more often than not just jump in and start hammering away at the keyboard, riffing on whatever’s on my mind.

And I’m surprised that something cool usually results.

But I wanna make clear that this “method” didn’t come easily at first. (Sometimes, it still doesn’t.)

There’s a gut-tightening that’s common to jumping without a net, whether it’s the first or even sixteenth time.

“Will I make a fool of myself?”

“Will I do something that’s — gulp! — irreparable?”

Not quite a year ago, I chose to stop fretting about a “perfect” business plan, the “ideal” moment, and my crippling internet technophobia.

I said “screw it,” hiked up my big boy pants, and leaped into the world of online business.

No firm plan.

No solid idea.

Just a yearning to build myself a playground on the internet.

In “winging it,” I performed a lot of internet marketing no-no’s.

I didn’t identify a real specific niche. I registered my own name as a “domain,” even though nobody’d ever heard of me. I kicked off my blog without having written a single post ahead of time, instead of building a backlog of 10 or 12 before starting, always recommended by the “experts.”

In other words, I started this whole shindig by the seat of my dusty old Levis.

But I had a story to tell about my post-corporate work history and lifestyle. I had some thoughts about business and freedom I wanted to get off my chest.

So I’ve blogged, and emailed, and twittered, and even sold a few products and services from other people, all of which I happen to like very much.

And along the way, as you may have noticed, I’ve taken the occasional sharp right or left turn. Never quite positive of exactly where I’ll end up.

But that’s OK. I’m here for the long haul. I’m having a helluva good time. And I’m always committed to your success in whatever you decide to do.

Keep loose!

P.S. “Winging it” and getting started on a course of action is a lot easier if you’re committed to your desires and goals. Just a few days more, and I’ll be introducing a powerful new program to help you generate the spirit and drive of a thick-skinned rhinoceros. Be warned!

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Sometimes, You Just Gotta “Wing It” — 2 Comments

  1. i would love to have a video camera in the room when you and the damn the torpedoes scott chapstick guy have a get together… im Ling ol right now at the thought of the engery! two great minds of the thinking and expressing it world …… good job at wingin it wally! oh to have that fly by the seat of my pants fever again! im finding im throwing more caution to the wind, as having gotten over the hill in the years of life… any advice… having reread the books scott wrote… it gets my head charging however the feet arent going any where 🙁 L>

  2. Over the hill…over the hill…

    I’ve been descending the “other side” myself for a few years now…and I still think “winging it” is the best way to go.