Why I’m Hating California Drivers Right Now

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer drivers these days — at least here in California — use their rearview mirrors as they were designed to be used?

Oh, drivers use ’em to comb their hair, put on their eyeliner, and check their teeth for extraneous bits of lunch. But do they watch behind them? Nah!

Like soulless zombies, most folks mosey down the highways and freeways and byways, oblivious of long tails of traffic strung after them.

And don’t even get me started about the side mirrors!

Anyway, this got me thinking about how often we ignore what’s behind us.

“I’ve got no saleable skills,” is the excuse I usually hear for not starting a small business. “I don’t know stuff anybody would pay for.”

For crissakes, take a look behind you!

Have you ever taken classes — in anything?

Maybe you learned how to play tennis, or do yoga, or paint with water colors. Could you share some of that knowledge with others?

Have you ever held a job?

Maybe you planned company events, or provided customer service, or improved office efficiency. Could you offer training in one of those areas in the form of business workshops?

What about people from your past?

Do you know a graphic designer, or a writer, or a computer geek you might partner with to create a money-making venture?

Sure, it’s important to keep moving forward.

But don’t forget to look in your rearview mirror occasionally.

You might spot riches from your past that propel you toward your dreams and goals.

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