How I Stopped Money Worries From Screwing Up My Sleep Cycle — Quickly And Easily

Didja happen to see the news story yesterday about Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney?

He was asked what keeps him up at night during the “grinding adjustment of the global financial crisis.”

Carney’s answer: “Nothing. To be totally honest, during the height of the panic, what kept me up at night were a series of calls from different parts of the world in the middle of the evening.”

I’m happy for Mr. Carney. I really am. Even with the economic burden he carries, he’s able to log eight hours of sleep every night without difficulty. Good for him.

But money worries really screw up the ol’ circadian rhythm for most of us.

Stock market downturns, unprecedented numbers of home foreclosures, rising health care costs, not to mention everyday personal finance challenges.

How can you NOT toss and turn or stare at the ceiling most nights?

OK, a confession…

My sleep-cycle ain’t much different than Mark Carney’s.

Sure I worry about money.

But I don’t lose sleep over it. At least not since I figgered out an easy routine to reliably eradicate my night-time anxieties and gently push me into slumberland. (No, it doesn’t involve horse tranquilizers — hardy har har.)

When I wake up mornings, I’m fully rested, stress-free, and ready to tackle just about anything.

So instead of keeping this routine all to myself, I just created a special report called 5 Simple Steps to Erase Money Worries Fast & Sleep Like a Baby in Even the Worst Financial Times. You oughta check it out:

It’s good stuff. And best of all, if you act now you can get it at the intro price of just 7 bucks.

So take a look.

Hope you decide it’s a good fit for you.

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