Free From Fear — Doomsters Needn’t Apply

My pal Warren Bluhm wrote a blog post recently about my favorite topic — freedom.

Come to think of it, most everything Warren writes is about freedom.

God bless him.

If you’ll allow me, a snippet from Warren’s post:

“Freedom is often described in terms of absence: Freedom is the absence of present tyranny, barriers, threats, debt or other restrictions, or it is moving beyond the past to a promising future.

“But freedom is more than a void; it is what fills the void: The actions, the peace of mind, enabled by the removal of those barriers.

“Freedom is also, joyfully, an absence of fear — more accurately, of course, a willingness not to allow fear to be yet another barrier.”

That’s a great reminder for any time of year. But as we sit just a day out from the start of 2011, it seems particularly great.

To listen to the news, you’d think we sit on the edge of apocalyptic doom.

Wobbly markets.

Foreclosures run amuck.

Threats of war.

Each might sound like a good excuse to crawl under a blanket and whimper plaintively during the coming year.

And I’d join you if I weren’t a history buff who reads constantly about WORSE times. Check out the years of the Wilson administration and World War I. Hell, go further back and check out the American Civil War.

Bad times. REALLY bad times.

And people survived them. In fact, a lot of people even survived them prosperously.

You and I can do the same right now.

Warren and I talked about some of this stuff a couple of months ago in a podcast you can still download and listen to for free at the “Podcasts” tab above.

The podcast is titled “Refuse to be Afraid.” (You’ll find other good stuff there, too.)

So if you get a chance, ring out the old year and ring in the new year by listening to Warren Bluhm and me talk about positive, forward-thinking things.

And I’ll catch ya in 2011.

Happy New Year.

P.S. For further help in rubbing out fears, especially those involving money, you might want to take a look at my eBook 5 Simple Steps to Erase Money Worries Fast and Sleep Like a Baby in Even the Worst Financial Times. Check it out…

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