Laptops and Cell Phones from Hell

Whew. I’m glad it’s Friday.

This was a very long week of breakdowns here at Casa Conger.

First, the ol’ laptop got attacked by a nasty virus.

Then the cell phone went bonkers.

Finally, the water heater started acting psycho.

I was “this short” of adding a fourth breakdown — my own mental wellbeing.

I hate inconveniences and annoyances. They disrupt what I jokingly call my Flow.

But rather than succumb to madness, I followed my personal rule of thumb:

If something breaks, fix it fast. Handle the problem before it festers and spreads.

So I got the computer quickly repaired.

I traded in the cell for a new one right away.

And I had a brand spankin’ new water heater installed before the end of the day.

So now I have three fewer challenges to deal with next week.

I do the same in my business. If it’s broke — I mean, really broke — I fix it fast. Because I know that if I procrastinate too long, it’ll probably get one helluva lot worse.

Same thing happens when you procrastinate about getting started in a new business or on a new project. Too often, you just never get yourself going. You end up sitting in the same rut — unhappy and dissatisfied.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

You know that, right?

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