“Concern” Ain’t Nothing But “Fear” Misspelled

“The fear is ratcheting up again,” writes my longtime pal Warren Bluhm on his blog this morning.


The U.S. is at war in Libya again.

Crippled nuclear plants in Japan are venting radiation into the atmosphere.

The economy is still bobbing and weaving.

And quite a lot of us are using those news items as excuses for wringing our hands and worrying instead of moving forward in our lives and businesses.

“But I’m concerned about the state of the world,” you might be thinking.

Fair enough.

But there’s a big difference between being concerned and being so overwhelmed by fear that you put your life on hold.

Warren wrote THE book on fear and how to overcome it. In fact, he and I spent quite a lot of time talking about that subject not too long ago.

(You can access the conversation for free at http://www.wallyconger.com/podcasts – it’s titled “Refuse to be Afraid.”)

There are things in this world that you can control.

Focus on controlling them.

On the other hand, there are things in this world that you cannot control.

Be concerned about them, if appropriate. But don’t let yourself be afraid of them.

Keep your chin up.


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