Didja Get Caught Up In The Rapture?


I guess we were spared the end of the world this past weekend, huh?

Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping’s declaration that the Rapture and beginning of End Times would take place at 5:59 pm Saturday was, it seems, premature.


Yeah, sure you were…

First off, this wasn’t Camping’s first apocalyptic faux pas. Years ago, he predicted September 6, 1994, was Judgment Day. When it didn’t happen, he claimed a mathematical goof threw him off.

Plus, anybody with a smidge of Bible learnin’ will tell ya the Good Book says no person can know when the end will come. Only God knows that kinda stuff.

Anyway, Camping is reportedly “mystified” and “a little bewildered” that things didn’t pan out like he thought they would last Saturday.

So are a lot of his followers. A few of ’em might even be a bit pissed. Like the guy in New York who spent $140,000 of his retirement money on hundreds of billboards for Camping’s bogus Armageddon.

Camping has undoubtedly lost credibility with some members of his on-air flock. Not all of ’em, of course. He’ll always hang onto a core of true believers.

But I’m sure plenty of Camping supporters have lost faith in him and are moving their monetary contributions elsewhere this week.

There’s a business lesson here, naturally.

Credibility is vital.

Really, really vital.

Push the B.S. too far, and you’ll lose the customers you already have. And your likely prospects will wave bye-bye before they even set foot in your door.

You’d better be able to back up each and every one of your business claims with proof. The more, the better.


When things aren’t “happening” in your business, you don’t wanna be bewildered and mystified like Harold Camping, do you?

“Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back.”

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