A Scream Of Consciousness

Here’s something kinda special today.

It might even give you a clearer head, a cleaner heart, and a greater shot at finally breaking through and rocketing ahead in both your life and business.

Am I overstating my case?

I don’t think so.

Yesterday, I spent almost an hour on the phone with Warren Bluhm. Warren’s a journalist, podcaster, singer-songwriter, internet marketer, and author of five books.

His latest book was released just this month, and it’s called A Scream of Consciousness: Wake Up and Embrace the Present Moment. The title says it all, doesn’t it?

Scream was the focus of my discussion with Warren, but we actually covered a whole lotta ground.

We talked, of course, about living in the Now. But along the way, other things came up — the second season premiere of The Walking Dead, 1960s songwriters, politics, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, what’s good about comfort zones, respecting your instincts, and how to blast yourself free from the things that keep you stuck.

It’s all good…and it’s all available to you absolutely free for download (right-click…you know the routine). Or you can just listen to it now on your computer.

A Scream of Consciousness

Go ahead. Grab it and stick it on your iPod.

I think you’ll have a good ol’ time.

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