My Macchiato Is My Passion

Got this email from Viki…

“Jim turned me on to your website and I signed up for your emails. They’ve been VERY helpful in getting me thinking, so I just wanted to let you know I resigned from my job a week ago. Woo hoo! …

“You could help me best by asking the questions that help people draw out what their passions are. I’ve never been a good asker of questions, so I love it when getting asked the ‘hard’ questions. That would be GREAT if you could come up with some of them.”

Hey, Viki, I’m great at asking the Hard Questions. Like…

What interests do I share with a good-sized marketplace of people?

What do I know just a smidge more about than most folks?

What skills have I learned over my lifetime — in school, in jobs, in my life generally — that can help others solve their problems and challenges?

Here are a few others…

How am I selling myself short?

How is my thinking sabotaging me?

How can I turn what I enjoy doing anyway into profit?

But you’re already ahead of the game, Viki.

After all, you already answered the hardest of all Hard Questions, which is…

Why have I anchored myself to a 9-to-5 job that makes me unhappy and doesn’t supply financial or emotional security for me anyway?

Congratulations for answering that question for yourself!

Personally, I discovered a few years ago that my passion was twofold — sitting in coffee houses listening to what people talked about day-to-day and offering those same people help in solving their perceived problems.

What eventually resulted spontaneously was a very simple business, which I explained in my free report Fire-Up Your Cash Flow and detailed much more expansively, with videos, audios, and mindmaps, in my program Coffee House Kingpin.

It’s not always easy coming up with the right questions to direct you to your own passions. But let me suggest this…

While you figure out what your passions are, spend a few mornings finding a crowd, asking ’em what problems they face, and then helping them where you can.

Doing that, you may create products and/or services that will not only reward them, but will put dollars in your pocket.

Good luck!

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