There’s good news tonight!

gabriel heatterI went to bed in a funk last night.

The past weekend was filled with highs and lows.

Beautiful weather here on the central coast. High.

Computer problems. Low.

Great Super Bowl party with friends. High.

My team lost. Low. (But it was a helluva game anyway, right?)

So last night’s funk was about nothing specific. No big deal, really.

But I woke up this morning and came across a column, posted this past weekend, by economist-historian Gary North. And my funk blew away.


When you’re clobbered by negative political and business news every single day, it’s great to come across an absolutely optimistic viewpoint.

I said “optimistic,” not delusional.

I don’t think Gary North is delusional.

I think he’s smart. And he’s one of the few folks out there who always examines the Big Picture.

The media outlets and their doomsday pundits always focus on the moment. And even if it’s a relatively positive moment, they’re liable to give it a negative spin.

Here are just a couple of things Mr. North had to say…

“What we are seeing is the greatest triumph of free-market ideas in the history of man. I have lived through it, and I am telling you, we have never seen anything like what we are seeing today.”

“Because the coming innovations will be primarily intellectual and technological, they will be made available to the whole world. This will make for greater competition, and therefore it is going to make for much greater wealth for the common man, all over the world.”

Gary North isn’t always sunshine and pussycats, believe me. I read his stuff regularly. Which is why I’m so delighted with this special column of his.

So, hey, I just wanted to share it with you. It might change your outlook, and it will certainly give you a better idea of where you and your business are bound to move — if you do the right things.

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