Take advantage of Umbilical Cord People!

Umbilical cordOK, I’m kinda lazy this morning and not gonna go to the trouble of looking it up.

So I’ll just paraphrase something that the great direct marketing whiz Dan Kennedy once said.

It changed not only my business philosophy, but the way I view life (and people) in general.

Here’s what Dan said (kinda)…

“Most people spend their lives walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands, looking for someplace to plug in.”

This bit of wisdom probably doesn’t apply to you. (If it did, you wouldn’t be part of my audience reading this.)

But it DOES apply to most people.

Just think about it.

Think about it the next time you’re at a party, or Starbucks, or the gym and hear somebody say…

“There oughta be a law!”

“Why doesn’t the government do something about this?”

“I’m gonna talk to my lawyer and sue!”

These are the folks who don’t wanna take responsibility for themselves, because it’s “too hard.”

They see themselves as “victims.”

They habitually surrender their power to others.

But here’s a scary (but highly profitable) thing – and it’s the marketing point that Dan Kennedy was trying to make…

These people are your potential customers and clients.

They have perceived problems and are looking for solutions.

That’s right, amigo.

They’re looking for “someplace to plug in.”

And if you position yourself correctly, and make your skills known to them, they might even choose to plug into YOU.

And they’ll even pay you good money for allowing them to do so!

So don’t dismiss the Umbilical Cord People offhand.

LISTEN to them.

Maybe you can help them.

Maybe they’re your next customer!

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