It’s my birthday and I’ll drink if I want to

Wolff-Vineyards-slo-001Today’s my birthday.

Yeah, pretty cool…the day after the 4th of July.

When I was a real little kid, I thought the fireworks and stuff before my birthday were all part of a celebration for me personally.

Hey, I was just a stoopid kid.

Anyway, this afternoon’s gonna be the two of us doing a little wine-tasting at a couple of wineries in the nearby Edna Valley. Then we’ll follow that with dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.

Good times.

But to mark my birthday, I’ve got sumptin’ for YOU.

You see, a couple of years ago, I heard from a guy named Paul, and he had a question.

A damn good one, I thought.

He wrote: “I’ve been selling a 137-page eBook about rodent abatement to people on the gardening forums, and I’m building an email list of gardeners who’ve bought my book.

“Now here’s my problem: I know I should be offering them more stuff, but I’m stuck on what other kinds of products I can sell to this market.”

It was a lazy summer day — kinda like today — so I took time to blast off a VERY long email to Paul.

In total, I made a whopping 51 suggestions to him.

Then I decided to wrap all 51 ideas (which apply to any niche) into a special report…

51 Powerhouse Info-Product Formats

This report is chock-full of different ways to take what you know and slice it, dice it, squish it, and expand it for your customers and prospects.

And I’m giving it to you free today, because it’s my birthday.

No opt-in or obligation or anything.

It’s yours for the downloading.

Just click on the link above and grab it.

And fer crissakes, use it!

I’m off to have me some wine.

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