[No Spoilers] What I think about the “Dexter” finale

dexter-001Didja happen to catch the series finale of “Dexter” last night?

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be especially purty.

(After eight seasons of dedicated viewing, by the way, I was NOT disappointed.)

But what I really wanna talk about is what the creators and cast of the series did immediately BEFORE Showtime presented their final episode.

Before the “previously on ‘Dexter’…” bit…

Before the usual credit sequence (with the quirky music and the squeezed blood orange and the flossing)…

The creators and cast said “thank you.”

They expressed gratitude for our years of watching, caring about, and talking about “Dexter.”

They gave us a big bear hug…then moved on to the show’s inevitable, satisfying conclusion.


That sincere display of gratitude may have been the most surprising moment in an episode filled with surprising moments.

And it’s the one I’ll probably remember most when I think about my enjoyment of the series years from now.

How come?

Because it happens so seldom, that’s why.

An F.U. is much more common these days.

Hell, we now expect an F.U.

So when we get a thank-you, it hits us where it counts.

Right in the heart.

When was the last time you said “thank you” to your customers, your friends, your family, even strangers who share an act of kindness?

For just a minute, think about it.

In the meantime…thanks, “Dexter” people, for eight years of great (if twisted) entertainment.

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