Business smarts, Yoda has

551253_10151618546556651_1974697_nMy friend Tom Novak posted a photo on Facebook yesterday that I just have to share with you.

It’s a chalkboard sign from in front of an anonymous neighborhood business that reads, “SPECIAL: Order in the voice of Yoda, receive 15% off. Arrive in a Tardis, FREE!”

Tom captions the photo, “Why small businesses rule…”

I commented on Tom’s post, “LOL.”

Tom’s absolutely right.

Small businesses DO rule.

And the reason they do is because such a special offer would never, probably COULD never, be made by any large business, corporate franchise or chain.

To the Big Guys, such a funny offer would be, well, BENEATH them.

I worked in Corporate America — aka Cubicle City — for 15 years.

Granted, co-workers traded jokes and laughs at the photocopier and at lunch.

But business was always “serious business.” (Whatever the hell THAT means.)

Business isn’t SUPPOSED to be funny, dammit!

And that’s what separates the small business from the monster business.

The small business is willing to go for the laugh.

They’re willing to engage customers where they live.

They know their customers “get it” when a new promotion mentions Yoda or the Tardis.

Small businesses can be a lot of fun.

Corporate Goliaths can never be.

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