You’ve got to go with scary

Hogdoggin-CoverI stumbled on a jaw-dropping bit of wisdom in a most unlikely place yesterday.

I was reading a hardboiled crime novel by Anthony Neil Smith called Hogdoggin’ — the second of three books about Minnesota deputy turned biker gang badass Billy Lafitte.

In the middle of throat-slashings, pistol-whippings, and butt-kickings, outta nowhere, Lafitte says to a young biker babe…

“It’ll never feel right. It’ll always feel scary, so you’ve got to go with scary.”

That statement walloped me hard enough to make my teeth rattle.

The business and lifestyle “gurus” hammer at the idea that the right time to shift gears and pursue the road less traveled is when it feels right.

“You’ll know it because you’ll FEEL it.”

Methinks that reeks of ye olde horse poo-poo.

It didn’t “feel right” when I jumped into my first assignment as a corporate hack way back when.

And after the Big Corporate Debacle, it didn’t “feel right” when I tore up my job resume to fly solo.

It didn’t “feel right” when I spoke from a stage to a roomful of strangers for the first time.

And it sure didn’t “feel right” when I created and launched my first ever digital online information product.

Hell, no.

Those things felt scary.

Real scary.

Life’s ALWAYS friggin’ scary, fer krissakes.

If you sit around waiting for the “right feeling” before you change things up for yourself, nothing’s ever gonna happen.

You might as well pull the blankets over your head right now.

I know it, and you know it.

Anything worth doing is going to be scary.

Embrace it.

Go with the scary.

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