CLOSED for the holidays, WTF?

closed-seasonDeb and I thought we’d get our last few dribs ’n drabs of Christmas shopping done yesterday.

And since we like to spend our bucks with small local businesses, not big box chains, we headed into our downtown “village.” It’s filled with boutiques, bakeries, antique shops, and other charming whatnot.

Sunday afternoon, just 10 days before Christmas.

Half of the shops were closed.


Sure, some small merchants customarily close on Sundays.

But the week before Christmas, maybe the busiest shopping time of the year?

Sorry, but that’s massively STOOPID.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you’re serious about making money and not just running a “hobby business,” your doors should be open every frickin’ day!

You oughta be squeezing every last dollar you can out of your market.

If that means missing a holiday party or family gathering and you don’t wanna do that, hire on some temporary help.

Do whatever it takes.

Anyway, me and the missus ended up picking up a few Christmas things at Walmart yesterday.


So here’s some advice…

When people are walking around with their wallets wide open, looking to spend their hard-earned moola with somebody, anybody, THAT’S when you make sure you’re on your game.

That’s when you kick into high awareness and high energy mode FOR REAL.

Opportunities like that don’t happen alla the time.

You’ve got a few days left before Christmas to kick ass and rake in some dough.

Fer cryin; out loud, don’t blow it.

Now go here…

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