You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

The_Grinch_by_UBob-001Guess I hit a raw nerve a couple days ago.

That’s when I argued forcefully that shutting the doors to your business during Christmastime, even on Sundays, was all kinds of stoopid.

Yessiree. I got some heated email about that.

Disagreement came from two directions.

The first bunch just chided me for being, uh, kinda greedy. As one emailer pointed out, “it’s refreshing that a few businesses have other things on their minds than wringing every possible dollar from desperate holiday shoppers.”

The second group argued from a higher stratum.

“Whoa,” one email said, “some people (including my husband and me and most other Latter-day Saints [Mormons] and Seventh-day Adventists) celebrate the Sabbath day by not conducting business on it.

“Those shopkeepers may feel the same way. They may be blessed by getting more customers Monday through Saturday, but it is their choice.

“I know I’m blessed more on Monday because of what I didn’t do on Sunday, like buy gas or go out to eat, so that others could spend the Sabbath with their families. Just because some shops are open doesn’t make my motives or ethics suspect.

“That’s no reason to slam business owners for honoring their convictions. So you can’t shop in those stores on Sunday. Who’s more desperate here?”

Fair enough.

Whether you close your business on high-traffic shopping days, or on every Sunday, is your choice, whatever your motives.

Of course, if you ran a fully automated online business, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Anyhoo, didn’t mean to be a Grinch. (Well, maybe I did.)


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