Giving the Devil his due

daredevil-vs-kingpinAre you watching the collaborative Marvel-Netflix TV series Daredevil?


I’ve got a couple’a friends who binge-watched all 13 episodes over a weekend. But right now, only a short way in, I’m watching a single episode at a time, one per night, savoring each and every delicious, suspenseful, violent moment.

Maybe I’ll be done with the whole thing by next week.

Which’ll be sad, because I love it and kinda wish it’d go on and on forever.

But then, I’ve long been a fan of Daredevil in the comic books.

Way back when the character first appeared, in the mid-1960s or so, Daredevil fought a pretty typical rogues gallery of costumed supervillains. Just like every other superhero.

I recall the Owl, Gladiator, Mister Hyde, Stilt-Man, and a bunch’a others.

Then, somewhere along the way, a wise soul named Frank Miller made DD more street-level, dumped the flamboyant bad guys, then snatched the Kingpin from the Spider-Man mythos and fashioned him into the primary opponent for Daredevil.

Kingpin (aka Wilson Fisk) is the ultimate cold-blooded crime lord. So it’s no wonder he so effectively dominates the new Netflix series. He knows exactly what he wants, and what he wants is to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen into his own personal criminal empire.

Gee,what would it be like to be the Kingpin?

I don’t mean that in a bad way.

What I mean is, what would it be like to successfully build your own personal empire — a perfect blend of work and lifestyle?

I’ve put together a plan to do just that. In fact, it’s called “Coffee House Kingpin,” and I think it’s a damn good strategy for making money on your own terms.

And without using any Fisk-like, black-hat tactics.

Check it out right here…

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