I’m trapped under my own shit and can’t get up!

kgrhqzhjfce-mml4ybpvt6f5mlq60_57A couple’a days ago, I felt trapped.

It happens sometimes.

I felt overwhelmed…

By thoughts of an upcoming surgery that will keep me (literally) facedown for a week or so.

By household projects still undone after a year or more.

By an upcoming trip, squeezed into what seems an already crowded schedule.

Then I went to my go-to, self-help, inspirational mentors — James Altucher, Dan Kennedy, Ben Settle…

I dipped into their books and blogs.

They all helped, but it was something I found from Seth Godin that yanked me fully to my feet. Lemme quote him…

“Are you certain that you’re trapped?

“To be actually trapped is to have no options, no choices, no possible outcomes other than the one you fear.

“Most of the time, when we think we’re trapped, we’re actually unhappy with the short-term consequences of making a choice. Make the choice, own the outcome and you can start in a new place.

“This is often frightening and painful, which is one reason it might be easier to pretend that we’re actually trapped.”


Godin got me outta my “funk of trappedness” PDQ.

I also decided to follow some of my own advice. Yeah, I re-read something I’d written about a year ago. And it was pretty damn spot-on for dissolving my overwhelmed feelings.

You’ll find it here…


Have fun!

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