Do You Have Cognitive Itch?

Cognitive itch.

Sounds like an STD, but it ain’t.

Actually, it’s the phenomenon of being unable to dislodge a song from your noggin.

It goes by a lotta names — brain worms, earworms, sticky music, involuntary musical imagery, and stuck song syndrome, to name just five — but we’ve all experienced it. Over and over and over.

I’ve written before about how the 1960s ditty “Telstar” occasionally pops into my cranium for hours at a time.

Earlier this week, Deb asked me what the hell I was humming.

Turned out it was the old TV theme song from Petticoat Junction.

What triggered it? Who knows?

A piece of mail, a news story heard on the radio, a sudden memory from college — heck, just about anything can launch a crazyass endless musical loop.

Anyway, here’s something you might wanna “noodle on” today…

How can you brand yourself — and your business — so that you’re unforgettable?

No, you don’t want to become an annoying brain worm. But if the mention of your name prompts feelings of likeability and trust, hey, that’s a good thing.

And if you don’t brand yourself, you can be sure somebody else will. And that’s risky business.

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