Moving forward backasswards

EmRidingAngelBackwardsI learned this business method from Dan Kennedy a long time ago.

I’ve tried it.

And it works.

Launch a new product — hell, launch a new BUSINESS — backasswards.

Here’s the recipe…

(1) Make bigass promises to your current and/or potential customers. Make sure you center the promises around enormous, compelling  benefits that those people want very badly.

(2) Don’t think about how you’ll satisfy those promises. Just make the damn promises!

(3) Wrap all those promised benefits into your sales pitch, your sales letter, your advertising, your whole marketing campaign. Hammer your message home.


(4) Get moving quickly to find ways to deliver on those promises you’ve made. At this point, you’ve really got no choice, right?

I’ll bet this formula will be the oomph you need to create more ideas than you can handle.

And you’re gonna discover that panic will reliably get you off your butt and into action.

What’s stopping you now?

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