Don’t drink the green Oobleck

SeussOobleckJust heard this bugnutz wacky story and hadda share it.

File it under “Sales Disasters.”

Seems a woman asked the kid behind a Chick-Fil-A counter if the mint chocolate shakes were any good.

“No way, they’re disgusting!” he yelped.

Worried she might not believe him, he added, “No, really, they’re nasty. We have to put this gross, green crap in them.”

Then the kid ran off and returned with a pitcher of green oobleck. “See, isn’t this disgusting?” he asked, swirling the gunk with a spoon.

Here’s the most remarkable thing…

The customer bought herself a mint chocolate shake ANYWAY!

OK, maybe it wasn’t a sales disaster, after all.

Maybe the kid was using the power of reverse-psychology.

Yeah, sure.

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