This is bigger than Hillary’s health problems!

hillary-coughing-attacks-01Big revelation from the New York Times!

(And no, I’m not talking about Hillary’s health issues.)

The Times says that using the so-called “express” checkout line at the grocery store might be a pisspoor idea.

You see, the average shopper spends 41 seconds shooting the bull with the checker, debating paper or plastic, counting out change or charging their purchase, gathering up their stuff, blah, blah, blah.

The Times quotes a former math teacher as saying those 41 extra seconds per shopper could slow down an express line if there are more people waiting to pay for fewer items.

“Think of it this way,” reports the newspaper. “One person with 100 items to be rung up will take an average of almost six minutes to process. If you get in a line with four people who each have 20 items, it will take an average of nearly seven minutes.”

Something to think about, huh?

But there are, thank God, ways to cut down on the time you spend doing almost anything.

Even launching your own freelance business.

In case you missed it, I’ve pulled together a quick-to-read, easy-to-follow report about how to hit the ground running if you want to “do your own moneymaking thing.”

Grab it right here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

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