How to Put a “Cherry” on Top of the Apocalypse

Thanks to Netflix, I finally caught up with The Book of Eli last night.


If you haven’t heard of it before now, it’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure starring Denzel Washington as Eli and Gary Oldman as, of course, the bad guy.

Eli is rough stuff. Lotsa violence and potty language, so put the kiddies to bed before you hit the play button. But I think it’s the best action movie of its kind since Mel Gibson hung up his Mad Max leathers.

Here’s what I wanna talk about, though…

Very near the film’s end, a cult movie icon makes a totally uncredited, surprise appearance.

It’s a perfect bit of casting.

And whoever thought of it deserves a standing ovation.

For me, it was the “cherry on top.” It gave The Book of Eli a little extra substance, what pundits tiresomely called gravitas a few political campaigns ago.

That it came unexpectedly made it all the better.

You can be sure I’ll pay close attention when the directors of Eli create their next movie.

So lemme ask you…

What “cherry on top” do you offer your customers?

Do you ever surprise them with “a little extra substance”?

They’ll love you for it. And come back for more.

Count on it.

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